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M-RETS® Board of Directors

MRETS Inc Board of Directors 2013

  • Brian Rounds, President
    Public Utilities Commission
    Capitol Building, 1st floor
    500 East Capitol Avenue
    Pierre, SD 57501-5070
    (605) 773-3201
    Term Expire: October 2016
    Committees: Executive, Governance
    Voting Class: Regulator

  • Ronald J Franz, Vice President
    Dairyland Power Cooperative
    3200 East Avenue South
    P.O. Box 817
    La Crosse, WI 54602-0817
    Term Expires: October 2016
    Committees: Executive, Finance (Chair)
    Voting Class: Cooperative Electric Utility Director

  • Pat Keily, Secretary
    WE Energies
    231 W. Michigan St.
    Milwaukee, WI 53203
    (414) 221-2820
    Term Expires: 2014
    Committees: Executive, Finance
    Voting Class: Investor Owned Utility Director

  • Michelle Rebholz
    Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
    Saint Paul, MN 55101-2147
    michelle.rebholz (at)state.mn.us
    Term Expires: 2015
    Committees: Enhancement
    Voting Class: Regulator

  • Larry W Johnston
    Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency
    500 First Avenue SW
    Rochester, MN 55902-3303
    (507) 292-6440
    Term Expires: 2014
    Committees: Governance
    Voting Class: Municipal Utility or Municipal Power Agency Director

  • Eric Jensen (Non Profit)
    Izaak Walton League
    Midwest Office
    1619 Dayton Avenue, Ste. 202
    St. Paul MN 55104-6206
    (651) 649-1446
    Term Expires: 2015
    Voting Class: Nonprofit

  • Dan Heim
    300 Exelon Way
    Kennett Square, PA 19348
    Term Expires: 2016
    Voting Class: Renewable Generator/Marketer Directors

  • Jeffery Cottes
    Province of Manitoba
    Department of Innovation, Energy and Mines
    Energy Division
    1200-155 Carlton Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3H8
    Term Expires: 2014
    Committees: Governance (Chair)
    Voting Class: Regulator

  • Eric Schroeder, Treasurer (officer only)
    Great Plains Institute
    2801 21st Ave. S., Suite 220
    Minneapolis, MN 55407
    Committees: Executive, Finance

  • Venkata Bujimalla
    Iowa Utilities Board
    1375 E. Court Ave., Room 69
    Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069
    (515) 725-7363
    Term Expires: 2015
    Voting Class: Regulator

M-RETS® Staff
  • Amy Fredregill
    Executive Director
    Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System, Inc.
    1885 University Avenue West, Suite 315
    St. Paul, MN 55104-3462

  • April Thompson
    Business Services Manager
    Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System, Inc.
    1885 University Avenue West, Suite 315
    St. Paul, MN 55104-3462

M-RETS® Stakeholder Process
  • M-RETS® Administrator has ultimate responsibility for preparation, amendment, compilation and interpretation of all Operating Procedures, functional design documents and similar documents related to the design and operation of M-RETS®
  • Need for balance between input from market participants and government agencies and independence of M-RETS® Administrator
  • Starting point for Operating Procedures is draft Operating Procedures dated October 26, 2006
  • Amendments to Operating Procedures will be based on consultation with Advisory Groups
  • The M-RETS® Governing Board and the M-RETS® Subscriber Group will provide input and advice on M-RETS® design and Operating Procedures. M-RETS® Administrator will work cooperatively with both Advisory Groups to maximize their input while safeguarding independence of M-RETS® Administrator
  • M-RETS® Governing Board will establish its own bylaws and governance structure.
  • M-RETS® Subscriber Group is open to every M-RETS® Account Holder, although Account Holders are not required to belong to M-RETS® Subscriber Group
    • Prior to commencement of M-RETS® operation, M-RETS® Subscriber Group will be populated by potential account holders identified by the M-RETS® Governing Board
    • Upon commencement of M-RETS® operation, any member of M-RETS® Subscriber Group that has not become account holder will no longer be member of M-RETS® Subscriber Group
    • Primary objective of M-RETS® Subscriber Group will be to provide M-RETS® Administrator with real-world market-based input on the functionality and operation of M-RETS®
    • Each account holder may designate one member and one alternate for M-RETS® Subscriber Group
    • M-RETS® Subscriber Group will select Chair and Vice-Chair from among its members, each of which will serve one-year term
    • The Midwest ISO may also have a role in M-RETS® Subscriber Group, if it so desires
  • Each Advisory Group will meet with M-RETS® Administrator on monthly basis prior to commencement of operations of M-RETS® and on quarterly basis after commencement of operations of M-RETS®
  • Meetings will initially be in person (with teleconference availability) in Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis or another city in M-RETS® area that provides reasonable access for members of each Advisory Group and M-RETS® Administrator.  After initial meetings, Chair of each Advisory Group will determine whether meetings will be held in person and/or by webinar/teleconference
  • Meetings with Advisory Groups will be on same day, when possible, and on adjacent days, when same-day meetings are not possible


March 15th, 2013:
Do you have any questions about what the MRETS board of directors is working on?
Do you have ideas for MRETS that you'd like our board to know about?
Please send an email to Amy Fredregill, Executive Director, at


Download FileNominations Sought for IOU and Muni Board Seats


Download FileM-RETS Enhancement Committee 2014


Download FileAudited Financial Statement


Download File2012 Form 990


Download File February 27th, 2013
Approved M-RETS Subscriber Group Charter


Download File November 7 2012:
M-RETS, Inc. Elects Board Officers, Appoints Board Members


Download File Board Member Roles and Responsibilities


Download File Annual Action Plan Outcomes (Updated May 2012)


Download File Fiduciary Duties, Roles and Expectations for Board Members


Download File Confict of Interest Policy: Directors are required to annually disclose and at any point that a conflict arises

Download File Nomination Policy

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