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About M-RETS®
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Why Use M-RETS®

M-RETS® is an easy to use, Web-based system open for use by power generators, utilities, marketers and qualified reporting entities wishing to participate in the M-RETS® market. The system tracks and enables trading of RECs through a unique, traceable digital certificate issued for every MWh of renewable energy generated by generating units registered with M-RETS® or imported into the system.

Why Participate?

Generators: Capture Environmental Value for Clean Generation

  • Creates a platform that places a dollar value on environmental benefits
  • Allows clean and green generators to access an additional revenue stream or “green” premium
  • Ensures more liquid commodity pricing
  • Reduces transaction costs for generators and suppliers


Utilities: Ease RPS Reporting and Compliance

  • Introduces administrative and cost efficiencies
  • Unbiased third-party verification
  • Addresses data confidentiality concerns
  • Assist in reporting RPS and compliance


Marketers/Brokers: Offer Credits to Your Customers in the Region

  • Ensures increased market liquidity
  • Provide your customers an opportunity to benefit from renewable energy in the region
  • Leverage easy to use, proven platform that enables tracking and trading of credits


Register Now!

Registration continues to be open for power generators, utilities, marketers and qualified reporting entities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and the province of Manitoba.


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