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The following will guide you through the steps necessary to create an
M-RETS® account. The M-RETS® Administrator is available to assist you throughout the registration process. Please call 408-899-3340, or email at

STEP 1 - Complete the online registration.

Initiate the process by visiting the M-RETS® application and completing the online registration under "Not a member? Register Here" link.


STEP 2 - Review the Operating Procedures.

M-RETS® Operating Procedures

Terms of Use

Terms of Use for ONLY for Reporting Entities


STEP 3 - Submit Account Approval Documents.

Upon completing of the online registration, and signing the online Terms of Use, submit the following documents to:

Midwest ISO Release Form (if necessary)

Schedule A: Designation of Responsible Party

Schedule C-1 Declaration of Agency - Level 1 Access

Schedule C-2 Declaration of Agency - Level 2 - 4 Access

Schedule D Billing Information


STEP 4 - Create Account(s) & Additional Logins.

All types of account holders must first create an account for their organization. After account approval, additional Sub-Accounts can be created, and Logins added to your account. Typically, for Load Serving Entities (LSE), State Regulators, Qualified Reporting Entities, and Marketers/Brokers these are the only steps in the registration process.

Owners of generating units/facilities, in addition to creating an account, must also register each one of their generators, and must designate a Qualifying Reporting Entity for each their facilities. Please refer to the online help pages for registration details.

Login to M-RETS®


STEP 5 (Optional) - Transfer RRC Facility Registration.

Review the following page on how to transfer any facilities registered with RRC - "For Wisconsin RRC Facilities"

Login to M-RETS®

For Wisconsin RRC Facilities

M-RETS® Terms of Use for Reporting Entities

Green-e Energy Designation for Generator Accounts

Consent to Assignment

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