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Registering Wisconsin RRC Facilities

Facility owners who have registered their generators in the existing Wisconsin RRC program and wish to register in M-RETS®, do not have to re-enter their generator’s parameters that were already existent in the WIRRC program. Instead, it is recommended that the following process is used for those generators

  • Step RRC.1 - Register Your Organization
  • If you have not already done so, please register your organization with M-RETS® by following the steps found here.
  • Step RRC.2 - Create an M-RETS® "Account Holder" Account
  • Login in to M-RETS® and create an M-RETS® account as User Type “Account Holder”.

  • Step RRC.3 - RRC Facility Transfer
  • After the M-RETS® Program Administrator approves the account, please let him/her know which generators from the RRC program you would like registered in M-RETS®. The M-RETS® Administrator will then populate the appropriate generator data into the M-RETS® database and link the generator to your newly approved M-RETS® account.
  • Step RRC.4 - Review the Transferred Facility
  • From the Facility Registration screens of M-RETS®, review the generator’s parameters for accuracy and update if necessary. Please note that the M-RETS® system requires additional generator parameters than those of the RRC system – these parameters must be entered, as described in the online help of M-RETS®.


The M-RETS® Administrator is available to assist you throughout the registration process. Please call 408-899-3340, or email at


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